2023 and the New Light Codes: How Next Year Will Trigger a Huge Spiritual Shift on Planet Earth

Noel Sales Barcelona
4 min readDec 7, 2022


Disclaimer: The things written here are for those who believe in the supernatural, the paranormal, and other “weird” or “unorthodox” forms of spirituality. Read at your own risk. — N.S.B.

A photo of starry skies with a man holding a flashlight. Photo by Tomas Anunziata: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-man-with-blue-beam-in-evening-695477/
Photo by Tomas Anunziata: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-man-with-blue-beam-in-evening-695477/

I wrote in my blog that 2023 is unique as it is a year of enormous changes and will become the turning point for humanity.

In numerology, the year 2023 yields the number 7, which is an interesting number. The number 7 is about the intellect and digging for the deeper meaning of things, particularly in spirituality. It’s all about having the right kind of balance between intuition and logic.

The past two years have been years of purging. The years 2021 and 2022 served as preparation for this massive shift happening in 2025 — with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine invasion by Russia, and the current socioeconomic crises and political upheavals in different parts of the world as catalysts for this profound change that no one has seen before.

We Need to Undergo Chaos Before We Can Achieve Peace

Believe me, while everything appears chaotic, these things need to happen as part of the purging process. It is like the Cosmos is doing a thorough clean-up and decluttering. The old things that don’t work anymore despite multiple attempts to fix them need to go. Further, if we want to beautify the garden, we need to eliminate the weeds, bugs, and other pests that prevent the plants from growing. This is what is happening right now. The old things are getting dismantled to make room for the new.

Meanwhile, what is happening is part of our collective karma. We only reap what we sow. If the lessons aren’t learned, the purging will continue. This is to purify all of us from our past sins and regain the blessings and grace of the Universe. This may sound harsh, but this is how the Law of Karma operates.

Although, through the grace of the Masters, a considerable portion of this collective karma can be neutralized and won’t affect us anymore. But this only happens if we know how to apply the Sacred Teachings in our daily lives and use the Laws of Nature or the Cosmos to our advantage. However, it’ll take a lot of practice before we can master just one of the 12 Cosmic Laws.

On the other hand, once the purging is done, we can enjoy long moments of peace.

Light Codes: Messages from the Other Realms

The other day, I received a “weird” message which only I can understand. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s real!

Some people in spiritual circles call these messages Light Codes. These Light Codes contain high-frequency energies that can produce impactful changes in our DNA.

Most of these Light Codes come from God as part of the Grand Plan to further develop human consciousness and transform it into Super or God Consciousness. In Christian mysticism, it is called “Christification,” or the transformation of the faithful to becoming like Christ himself — pure, holy, and perfect. The Holy Spirit serves as the catalyst for this profound change happening in the person’s core.

Through these Light Codes, the rediscovery of the forgotten part of ourselves begins. The gradual transformation can bring enormous changes in the life of the person undergoing these profound transformations and the communities they are living in.

Exposure to the sacred teachings of the Ascended Masters (beings who have reached the Highest Planes of Consciousness) is the first step to understanding the actual functions of these Light Codes.

While most skeptics consider these as mere “blabbering,” these Light Codes’ vibration is pegged at 432 Hz when analyzed thoroughly. According to an article published in Meditative Mind, this frequency corresponds to the vibration emitted by nature and has a healing effect on those who listen to them.

This is the first time I have received a series of short Light Codes, which I recorded on my laptop. And I have edited it online for better audio.

This transmission is eight seconds short for three minutes, and the meaning can only be deciphered by those who are open to this kind of message.

The message has two parts:

Part One is devoted to raising the frequency of the listener’s vibration, transmuting the negative energy to positive energy. Meanwhile, Part Two is dedicated to healing.

However, note that the effectiveness of this Light Code is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, this Light Code can, to some extent, help those on the path to Enlightenment. Further, it can also speed up their awakening process.



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