Angelic Messages: Are They Real?

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There are lots of people in the spiritual communities who claim that they can talk to angels. There are also a lot of books and oracle cards published and made available to the general public about angel messages. But the question is: Are they for real?

One of the leading angelic messengers before was Doreen Virtue, a best-selling author, and lecturer about angels and Ascended Masters. Not until she converted to fundamentalist Christianity, denounced all her angelic communication and mediumship teachings, and called it “devil’s deception.”

Another angelic messenger was Jacky Newcomb, known as the “angel lady.” Based on her short biography, Jacky authored 30 books about the subject, and they are all bestsellers.

Angel Communication: A Brief History

But angel communication is as old as our civilization.

In the Bible, angel visitations and communication are just ordinary. In the story of Moses, the burning bush is an angel. Three angels did visit Abraham, telling him that Sodom and Gomorrah were about to be destroyed because of their people’s sinfulness. Even St. Peter was freed from prison by an angel of God.

Christian mystics like St. Teresa of Avila and St. Padre Pio had encounters with angelic beings. In the case of Padre Pio, the stigmatic priest from the Order of Friars Minor — Capuchins, it has been told that he can talk to angels guarding other people.

In Islam, angels play a vital role in the Moslems’ faith. Their primary responsibility is to serve as mediators or messengers of Allah. The whole Qur’an is said to be dictated to the Prophet Muhammad by Archangel Gabriel himself.

Although there are significant differences, devas in the Hindu and Buddhist faith also act as angels.

“Devas are Hindu and Buddhist deities who act in angelic ways, such as guarding and praying for people, as traditional angels in some other religions do. In Hinduism and Buddhism, believers say that every living thing — person, animal, or plant — has an angelic being called a deva (male) or Devi (female) assigned to guard it and help it grow and prosper. Each deva or Devi acts like divine energy, inspiring and motivating the person or other living thing that it guards to better understand the universe and become one with it,” said Whitney Hopler in an article that appeared on in 2017.

Given these facts, angel communication plays a critical role in different faiths, especially in the spiritual development of the faithful. However, it also appears that these beings only communicate with people with high spiritual awareness.

On the other hand, in his book titled “The Sacred History: How Angels, Mystics and Higher Intelligence Made Our World,” Jonathan Black (Mark Booth in real life) explained that before modern times, all people could see — and talk to — angels. It is part of our nature — to communicate with these extraordinary beings created by God. But all of this stopped when our psychic vision was blurred by materialism and the belief that the only things that are real are the things that our senses can perceive.

Angels or Demons?

Nonetheless, even in this modern age, few people have been given a chance to talk to angels and relay their messages to people. However, the question remains: Do they speak to real angels?

This is a tricky question since both angels and demons are spirits.

For the “Christian” Doreen Virtue, the beings she talked to in the past are, in fact, demons. This is based on the notion that what she’s been doing is a form of divination, which the Bible forbids. (In one of her Instagram live, if my memory serves me right, Doreen said that she even worshipped angels in the past, which is problematic since angels are creatures, too. Based on biblical teachings, God should be the only one to be worshipped, not the things or creatures he created.)

But visions and prophecies are divination, too, if we adhere strictly to its definition: to seek answers by supernatural means or to foresee or prophesy.

In the Bible, we can read about the Urim and Thummim, stones that high priests use to receive answers from God, especially if Yahweh had no direct communication with these priests.

In metaphysics, spirits operate in a different energy frequency. The human soul, for example, works in a frequency higher than the physical body.

Among spirits, angels have energy signatures so distinct that you cannot mistake them for something else. And so are demons and other evil spirits. However, to be able to differentiate them, it will take a strong sense of discernment. In other words, you need to develop a solid psychic ability to read these energy signatures and determine if what you see or hear is coming from the messengers of God.

Frankly, as a paranormal researcher and intuitive, I believe that some people are blessed with such high spiritual gifts that they serve as mediators between the angelic and physical realms. Of course, we also need to be careful not to be duped by evil entities disguised as angels.



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