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4 min readNov 12, 2022
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In the past few weeks (or probably the past couple of months), I have had that strong feeling that my chakras or energy centers are blocked; thus, the financial setbacks and the threats coming from the loan sharks that I owe money.

It’s common knowledge among magical and spiritual practitioners that blocked or weak chakras can affect not only your health and well-being but all aspects of your life. Our chakras are connected to the Source and to the energies that surround us. Therefore, if one of these seven energy centers is not functioning properly, all things get affected since everything is energy.

Based on what is happening, the chakras that are not functioning properly inside me are my root and solar plexus. The root chakra is connected to stability as it is anchored to the earth’s energy. It has also something to do with our survival instinct and when blocked or unhealthy, it can cause anxiety, negative thoughts, and worst, erratic behavior.

Meanwhile, the solar plexus has something to do with self-esteem, authority, and purpose. When suffering from an imbalance, the effect is terrible. To be honest, I feel helpless right now and have some negative thought patterns.

I know that somehow, I was at fault since I am not practicing any spiritual work right now. I have been ultra-focused on mundane affairs, neglecting my spiritual duties as a mystic, a healer, and a spiritual counselor.

When did the last time I meditated? I do not know.

When did the last time I opened and read a book about spirituality? I have only started reading The Kybalion just recently.

When did the last time I served the Church? We only attended the Holy Mass just last Sunday. (I was part of the Lector and Commentator Group in our local parish but I asked for a leave of absence. Uncool, isn’t it?)

My Bloated Ego and My Problem Right Now

As they say, the ego is the enemy. (This book, I want to read next.)

Maybe, I can blame it for being Capricorn. I am ambitious and sometimes, I have been blinded by my ambitions. I can be scheming and cunning, which are from the ego, and not from the Spirit.

However, the stars and the planets are not sentient beings. They are energies, yes, but we have been blessed with intelligence and most importantly, we have been given the power to choose.

Unlike animals (sorry for the friends in the forests, in the seas, and elsewhere) who are guided by pure instinct, we, human beings, on the other hand, can think and analyze. The latter has put us on top of the evolutionary chain.

Unfortunately, there are times when we thought we were following our intuition but the truth, we are just following our bloated egos. And the result? A catastrophe of epic proportions. Just like what is happening now, in my life. Congratulations, Noel! You hit the jackpot of being an a**.

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Time for Some Damage Control

While the damage has been done, it doesn’t mean it cannot be repaired. Though, it will need a lot of [inner] work and humility to restore what has been broken.

Inside me, I know what to do but the trouble is I don’t know where to start! I know that I need some help here, however, it will take a lot of courage to ask someone in my circle to help me — and guide me — to get out of this pit.

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Nevertheless, I have started my inner work. I have been able to finish a novena to a very powerful saint, St. Expeditus but still, I am waiting for his answer to my prayers. And I am planning to repeat the novena once again, and this time, I will also ask for the intercession of Saints Peter, Philomena, Rita of Cascia, and Cyprian and Justina of Antioch.

I think I need also to do some cleansing. Incensing the whole place isn’t enough. I need to do more. And of course, go back to meditating and praying more. To attend Mass more often, not to ask for a resolution to all my troubles but to reconnect with God, and to be united with him just like I used to.

I also want to cleanse my crystals, re-empower them, and then use them again, as well as my Oracle Cards.

I know that this sounds silly, but I think I need to do long walks, too, in the morning. This is to clear up my mind and also to strengthen my heart. The anxiety, which I have experienced in the past due to the harassment of these loan sharks, took 2.5 kilograms of my weight, although I think, it’s fine.

Enough with all of this blabbering! It’s time to work. So mote it be…



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