The Covid-19 pandemic had taught me that freedom, indeed, is a relative term. While freedom is something that is innate to people, setting boundaries is crucial for you to enjoy that freedom.

Lately, I have been thinking of what the future would look like post-Covid-19. While I am enjoying the freedom that I have right now, the shackles of uncertainty put by the pandemic have been putting some sort of limitations on the things that I can do. But I am thankful that despite the restrictions in movement, I have been able to support my family as I can work from home, get more gigs as a freelance writer, editor, researcher, and media consultant.

However, we are still in danger of contracting the dreaded disease and with the further evolution or mutation of the virus, there is still danger of having spikes, which will eventually result to lockdowns to prevent the spread of the disease. Of course, lockdowns spell economic problems, as people who have not access to technology will find it hard to work from home. And even if they have access to the internet, the connection is still unstable and unreliable, which means low productivity and loss of income.

Nevertheless, Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to think and reflect, and to see freedom in a different light. Freedom will never ever exist without responsibility. Freedom as a form of personal power, sometimes, is being abused. There are people who use “freedom” as an excuse to be thoughtless and carefree, not knowing that personal freedoms are not absolute. There is always a limit to power. If there is none, then we will live in a world of chaos.

As I write this short meditation, I cannot help but think that Covid-19, even it is a form of a disaster, it is also a wise teacher. The global pandemic has taught us to take care of ourselves more, to love more, and to become more responsible as we don’t want to get the disease, or cause harm to others when we become carriers of this deadly virus. Hopefully, these lessons will never be forgotten. #



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Noel Sales Barcelona

Noel Sales Barcelona


A former freelance journalist, art and cultural critic, and an intuitive from the Philippines. I am the new species of weirdness.