The Internet, Spiritual Awakening, and the Need for Discernment

Info-exchange and the Awakening Process of Humanity

While I do have some reservations, I do agree, to some extent with the premise that the internet can be a powerful tool which can be used in aiding humanity’s spiritual awakening. There’s no need for us to travel far and wide, all across the globe, just to transmit timely and relevant spiritual information, being downloaded from above and below. However, the information that we need to transmit and of course, to receive should be the right and reliable information.

Learn to discern amid the contradictions, false notions, and fake narratives

On the internet, there are a lots of contradicting teachings, original teachings bastardized by self-proclaimed gurus and fake initiates, and teachings that are in fact, product of one’s illusion and ego. Some are mere products of conspiracy theories taken as scientific and metaphysical facts. Therefore, there’s a need to screen the things that we read and take from the internet, particularly the social media. With the fabrication of information posted as “hard, cold facts,” there’s also a danger that we are being trapped to believe something inherently false to be something profound and spiritually reliable.



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Noel Sales Barcelona

Noel Sales Barcelona


A former freelance journalist, art and cultural critic, and an intuitive from the Philippines. I am the new species of weirdness.