The Mind of “All”

Noel Sales Barcelona
2 min readNov 15, 2022
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The book that I am reading, The Kybalion, discusses the Mind of All, or the Consciousness of the Eternal Creator. It suggests that all creation, great and small, has come into being inside the Mind of God. It means that we are all inside the mind of the One that Knows Everything (Omniscient). This means that the material universe existed in Mighty One’s dreams.

This echoes the story of the great Narayana, a Hindu god wherein he created everything in the Universe through his dreams. In his monumental book titled Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within, the late Brahmin priest Thomas Ashley-Farrand narrated how this avatar of Vishnu, Narayana, has slept and dreamt of creating all the things existing in this material universe.

When Narayana is dreaming, Brahma came into being through the lotus flower that grew from Lord Vishnu’s navel. It was Brahma who made everything based on the dreams of Lord Narayana. However, before Lord Brahma can manifest anything, two demons emerged from the ears of the sleeping Narayana, threatening the very existence of Brahma, the creator of the material universe.

This was the time when Saraswati, the great Mother Goddess appeared and protected Brahma. She, according to Ashley-Farrand’s book, became the refuge of then the “young” Brahma until he has the strength and power to manifest whatever he wants to manifest in this material world.

The story above also reminds me of one of the concepts introduced by The Kybalion — gender. The Kybalion explains that everything in creation has both Masculine and Feminine aspects, in terms of energy. Science proves this to be true. In our DNA, X and Y chromosomes are needed to determine the gender of the baby developing inside the mother’s womb. If there are two X chromosomes, then the baby will be born female. If XY, then the baby will be male.

Meanwhile, going back to the first discussion about us and the entire creation existing inside God’s Mind, The Kybalion stated that everything is made out of atoms that our eyes cannot see. Hence, everything can be considered “illusory,” or unreal based on the premise that matter does not exist since only the unseen atoms are real.

The Kybalion is such an interesting book that is worth reading. I am planning to finish it this weekend and take some notes as I read it.



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