The Waiting Game

Noel Sales Barcelona
2 min readNov 10, 2022
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There are things that we cannot get or “manifest” easily. As the Good Book said, “There is a time for everything.” It means you need to wait.

Waiting is a test of patience, or rather, a painful way of cultivating the virtue of patience. Not every one of us enjoys waiting. Waiting for some people is just wasting time. Hence, they will always hurry things, which sometimes results in a complete disaster.

For some people, waiting is like a torturing device, a cause of deep anxiety and stress. And because of this, they are not able to trust the entire process. Most of the time, it does not end well, either.

Patience, as the old saying says, is a virtue; it is a good thing. As we wait for things to unfold, we learn something in the process like trusting what we call “divine timing.” Or, just enjoying the process itself.

Now, I am in a waiting game — waiting for the results of the job applications that I have submitted and waiting for the source of money to pay my debts. However, lately, I have begun to realize that the Universe keeps me waiting not only to test my patience but also to teach me the valuable lessons of rest, trusting the process, and most importantly, believing God is in total control of the situation.

Just like King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” And now, I know that my guardian angels and guides are working hand in hand, and will give the things that I need (and some that I want), in God’s perfect time. And so be it!



Noel Sales Barcelona

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